[ON SALE] CUT 'Stories Of Success' SYS-025

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CUT is a 3-piece from Bonn, Germany. After a few digital releases and a split tape with Empty, they are back with their first full length. The 12 tracks are a great mix of Hardcore, Sludge and Noise that will cut your mind. The LP comes in 2 different sick versions. The black Vinyl looks like a sawblade with a dark grey scrennprinted cover. The Clear Vinyl comes in a plastic sleeve with a white screenprinted cover.

"Messer-Core, no Blahblah."

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Cages
  3. CUT Lost Control
  4. CUT Bloodrain
  5. CUT Hopes Stakes
  6. CUT Walls
  7. CUT White to Wreck
  8. CUT Skin
  9. CUT Out There
  10. CUT Fragile
  11. CUT Depressions Story of Success
  12. CUT Break Down

Pressing Information

100 Black Sawblade Vinyl
200 Clear Vinyl